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Tags: astyle coverage doxygen valgrind waf
Project: fifi
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astyle coverage doxygen valgrind waf
Morten V. Pedersen
Moving to alternative approach
Morten V. Pedersen
Testing approach to reduce number of needed interfaces
  • fifi-astyle: astyle.check_code failed -  stdio
  • fifi-coverage: coverage.generate_report failed -  stdio
  • fifi-debian9_64-cxx_clang38_x64-valgrind: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-android44-cxx_android_clang38_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-android71-cxx_android5_clang38_arm64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-android71-cxx_android5_clang38_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-archlinux_64-cxx_clang39_x64-py36_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-debian9_64-cxx_clang38_address_sanitizer_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-debian9_64-cxx_clang38_thread_sanitizer_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-debian9_64-cxx_clang38_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-ios84-cxx_ios70_apple_llvm_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-mac1012_64-cxx_apple_llvm80_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • fifi-ubuntu16_32-cxx_clang38_x86-py27_x86: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
Peter Vingelmann
Add more inline functions in api/utils.hpp
Peter Vingelmann
Add inline version for dynamic get_value/set_value
Peter Vingelmann
Use uint32_t as uniform value_type in field_interface (#91)
Peter Vingelmann
Use uint32_t as uniform value_type in field_interface
Peter Vingelmann
Remove packed API from wrappers (these functions are internal details)
Peter Vingelmann
Fix warning
Peter Vingelmann
Remove requirement to pack constants when using the region arithmetics
Peter Vingelmann
Adjusting wrapper comments