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Tags: cmake coverage nodebug valgrind waf
Project: otacast
Legend:   Passed Failed Warnings Failed Again Running Exception Offline No data

cmake coverage nodebug valgrind waf
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 4.2.0
Jeppe Pihl
stop the spammers
Jeppe Pihl
added google analytics to landing page
Jeppe Pihl
Jeppe Pihl
Update quick_start.rst
Mikkel Højlund Larsen
Working on it
Mikkel Højlund Larsen
Merge branch 'master' into add-save-restore-decoder-example
  • otacast-nodebug: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_clang60_x64-valgrind: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_gxx82_x64-valgrind: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_clang60_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_clang_address_sanitizer_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_clang_thread_sanitizer_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-debian10_64-cxx_gxx82_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-ios84-cxx_ios70_apple_llvm_arm64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-ios84-cxx_ios70_apple_llvm_armv7-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-mac1014_64-cxx_apple_llvm100_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-openwrt_arm_vm-cxx_openwrt_gxx73_armv7-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-raspbian9-cxx_gxx63_armv7-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • otacast-win7_64-cxx_msvc15_x64-py27_x64: waf configure failed -  stdio
Merge pull request #7 from steinwurf/add-encode-decode-example

Add encode decode example
  • otacast-android44-cxx_android_clang70_armv7-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio
Mikkel Højlund Larsen
Working on it
Mikkel Højlund Larsen
Updated NEWS
  • otacast-android44-cxx_android_clang70_armv7-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio
  • otacast-android71-cxx_android5_clang70_arm64-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio
  • otacast-android71-cxx_android5_clang70_armv7-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio