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Tags: astyle coverage valgrind waf
Project: petro
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astyle coverage valgrind waf
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 8.0.0
Jeppe Pihl
Major refactor (#27)

* Major: Added error codes.
* Major: ``bit_reader`` renamed to ``bit_stream``.
* Major: ``byte_stream`` was replaced by a wrapper of an ``endian::reader``.
* Major: The ``extractor``\ s open function now takes an error code and doesn't
  rely on the returned boolean to announce the occurrence of an error.
* Major: ``sequence_parameter_set`` and ``picture_parameter_set`` now needs to
  be parsed.
* Major: Changed constructor parameters of ``box``.
* Major: Renamed ``data_box::read`` to ``data_box::parse``.
* Major: Split ``box`` into two classes; ``box::box`` and ``box::data_box``.
Jeppe Pihl
improve parser api 2
Jeppe Pihl
improve parser api
Jeppe Pihl
update news
Jeppe Pihl
fix style
Jeppe Pihl
fix signed golomb
Jeppe Pihl
fix missing include
Jeppe Pihl
fix windows warning
Jeppe Pihl
rename base_box to box
  • petro-astyle: astyle.check_code failed -  stdio
  • petro-android44-cxx_android_clang38_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-android44-cxx_android_gxx49_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-android71-cxx_android5_clang38_arm64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-android71-cxx_android5_clang38_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-raspbian8-cxx_raspberry_gxx49_arm-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-raspbian8-cxx_raspberry_gxx49_armv7-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-win7_64-cxx_msvc14_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)
  • petro-win7_64-cxx_msvc14_x86-py27_x86: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (48)