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Tags: astyle coverage valgrind waf
Project: petro
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astyle coverage valgrind waf
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 13.0.0
Jeppe Pihl
upgrade to endian 9 (#34)
Jeppe Pihl
upgrade to endian 9
Peter Vingelmann
Preparing to create tag 12.0.0
Jeppe Pihl
remove trailing white space
Jeppe Pihl
Add icon (#33)

* added icon
Jeppe Pihl
Update README.rst
  • petro-debian9_64-cxx_clang38_x64-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
Jeppe Pihl
added icon
Jeppe Pihl
Add virtual destructors (#32)

* add virtual destructors
* fix spelling
Jeppe Pihl
add virtual constructor and fix spelling