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Tags: astyle waf
Project: petro-python
Legend:   Passed Failed Warnings Failed Again Running Exception Offline No data

astyle waf
Peter Vingelmann
Upgrade petro (#5)

* Use petro 16

* Use py::bytes input data for extractor.open()

* Update examples
Peter Vingelmann
Update examples
Peter Vingelmann
Use py::bytes input data for extractor.open()
Peter Vingelmann
Use petro 16
  • petro-python-archlinux_64-cxx_clang70_x64-py37_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-archlinux_64-cxx_gxx82_x64-py37_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-centos7_64-cxx_gxx83_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-debian10_64-cxx_gxx82_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-fedora28_64-cxx_gxx83_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-mac1014_64-cxx_apple_llvm100_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-ubuntu19_64_vm-cxx_gxx92_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-win7_64-cxx_msvc15_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdio
  • petro-python-win10_64-cxx_msvc15_x86-py37_x86: waf build failed -  stdio
Jeppe Pihl
Update README.rst
Peter Vingelmann
Add travis
Peter Vingelmann
Preparing to create tag 3.0.0
Peter Vingelmann
Update waf
Peter Vingelmann
Use pybind11 instead of boost-python (#4)
Peter Vingelmann
Stick to petro 12